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2015-05-20 17:34:34 by DeRosa

Kinda miss NG!


2010-04-21 20:51:38 by DeRosa



2009-03-06 17:52:15 by DeRosa

I'm lazy lol

edit (3/29/09): wait whats this


My apologies

2008-12-21 19:33:20 by DeRosa

Yeah, sorry I had to submit my half-assed Metal Gear Collab piece as a standalone. It was the only thing I've made and I admit, I've been very lazy this year. 2009 should be a much better year for me as I think I've already got two projects that I'm set to work on. I want to make some good shit this year, and I plan on giving you some good shit.. wait what

I need you to motivate me

2008-10-05 13:20:39 by DeRosa

to help me finish this flash i began working on by the end of this year. That is currently my goal.

Edit: ...Nevermind, I don't know if i'll be able to get anything done this year :(

I need you to motivate me

liek hapy madnes day guys

2008-09-22 17:23:33 by DeRosa

and i have made nothing today :(

i'm in a bloooocckk or whatever you call it, so fuck me

Happy Anti-Clock Day and whatnot

2008-08-26 18:20:29 by DeRosa

No, there is no Anti-Clock Day Madness 2 from me today, not yet at least (2nd anniversary to the first one lols). Maybe if I get the motivation, I'll have it ready for next year, probably Madness Day. But the more time I use up on it the better it will turn out and maybe even surpass the quality of CotF.

Currently I've been experimenting with Flash a little bit, and I think I might have begun on a decent animation that's pretty original, or at least gives me a break from Madness. But don't expect it to come out anytime soon- I'm a slow OCD fuck when it comes to animating.


2008-07-06 07:24:10 by DeRosa

I'm real happy to see the first half of the totally epic Metal Gear Collaboration, especially knowing my part made it in. Sure, mine wasn't the best out of the bunch, but I'm just glad it's there. Btw, don't forget to click on the last big pile of crap for a bonus scene :O


Hey guys

2008-05-21 17:08:04 by DeRosa

I sent in a part for the Metal Gear Collab about a day ago, which explains my new profile pic.

Hope she gets in. :o

Super Smash Bros. Brawl...

2008-03-12 17:08:33 by DeRosa
Updated, well, just awesome. The Subspace Emissary has a suprisingly and somehow interesting plot, and for a fighting game, it feels like this mode has a decent amount of value. By that I mean it should take 10 hours just to complete this mode, which is not bad for a fighting-genre game.

Online multiplayer- fun, but not too much depth is involved. That is, unless you gather up a bunch of friends and acquire the annoying "Friend Codes". Fortunately, this will open up a few more online modes when wanting to brawl through the internet.

Apart from all that, there's Classic mode, a stage builder mode, the Vault, and a whole crap-load of other addictive features that keep me addicted to this damn game.

Get it.

Also, Friend Code: 3566-1213-3104

Super Smash Bros. Brawl...